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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2010 4:30am-5:00am PST

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have in front of you is a response from information requests to get at the methodology, and i think it becomes very clear that they actually do not have a methodology, that they are simply talking to shelter staff, that they are not gathering information from residents, so that is an area i would call for a look at said that there is some established methodology. second, i wanted to talk to the bit about vacant shelter beds and the fact that the city is continually not given information that we know it has. we know they know what beds are empty, and for political reasons, they are not giving that information, so i wanted to call that out because that is something that would be very hopeful that we need to move forward. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon. i am a shelter advocate and a member of the shelter monitoring committee. i have been on the committee
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for a year now, and i wanted to bring it back to the purpose of the committee. as a member, two things that need to be corrected or taking care of, i really want to see us all working together to identify perhaps resources that we need. it is clear maybe we need more training. maybe we need more tokens. i really want to get away from who is to blame, whose fault it is. the shelter, the client, is hsa providing? but focusing on what the issue is, does the facility need improvement? how will we get those improvements met? how will we get it funded? do we need to talk to clients? talk to more staff? what is the methodology? i did not really know, but i think we need to focus on that we are here to identify some needs that are being unmatched
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-- unmet. supervisor campos: thank you very much. any member of the public that would like to speak on this item? please come forward. >> i want to submit these documents. i feel like you are getting the disney version of what is happening in these shelters systems. i just feel that -- i'm also going to start off with joyce from and their organization. they do an internal survey of the clients, so the idea that she does not have any idea regarding what is happening in the shelter system i do not think this is very genuine assessment. and i think over the information is very thorough and complete, i just feel like we have not had enough dialogue regarding the other issues that should be
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necessary in the shelter system such as wraparound services and other things. heart of it is in the document that i gave you. the other thing is i just feel there is -- i guess this document just says a lot because we have -- the shelter committee is required to go to the homeless coordinating board to submit a report, and it is rare that they ever really call on them. i'm trying to remember if they ever even talk about this quarterly report. simon share. and then, it goes back to the 10-year implementation plan, and we should be reviewing that and figure out how we should modify the shelter system, but they are doing well, but i still feel like they are dragging behind. the other thing, too, that is not mentioned is the shelter monitoring committee now has
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four vacancies. some of the people that came on board just did not even want to show up and do their job. the document says a lot, so hopefully you will look at it. supervisor campos: thank you very much. any other member of the public? seeing none, public comment is closed. we will reagendize this item. i want to thank everyone for coming out. one thing that definitely jumps out to me is the fact that there are very limited resources that the committee has. because this is a board of supervisors' committee, i do think we have an obligation as a board to make sure that we look at this issue and reexamine the issue and decide whether or not there are additional legislative changes that should be made because i do believe that this
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report is extremely useful, without passing judgment on some of the numbers. i look forward to hearing from the department, but some very serious issues have been raised, and i do not think it is fair to the population that uses our shelter system that reports keep coming out, there seems to be no addressing the issue of resolving those issues, at least not to this supervisor's satisfaction at this point, but we look forward to hearing from folks. i know that we heard from one individual who has a court appearance, so i'm wondering if we could take item seven just for that purpose, to give this individual the opportunity to make a statement. if we could make a motion to continue item if you want to the call of the chair, if we could do that without objection.
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>> item 7, a hearing to consider appointing one member, a term ending july 1, 2014, to the entertainment commission. there is one seat and 16 applicants. supervisor campos: if you could just make your statement, to give you an opportunity to make sure you make your court appearance. >> i'm applying for this seat because i would love to be part of the entertainment commission. i have a police background and previously served two terms on the immigrant rights commission. i'm an attorney practicing immigration law, and i would like to say that there's a lot of great work done already by the entertainment commission. a lot of it focused on the older
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generation, the clubs and the entertainment life of adults. as a mother of three children, i have been very actively involved in the lives of my own children and involving them in the is it as early as from three months old. i think there is a music program in the city. i strongly believe, not just my opinion, but also based on the various research that has been done, the early music education for children is essential for their future success. i currently volunteer and give free advice on various entertainment issues to a few organizations. one of them is united humanitarian mission, which i serve on, and also children's musical theater. my friend has a franchise
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whereby volunteer my time. i believe that children should be -- programs in the city should be such that schools have -- take the kids for entertainment purposes, but each entertainment event, such as taking them to a museum should involve some educational component in them because that is what raises the component, which a lot of public schools are suffering with. i would like to do two things. one is to promote programs for children to education for children and to make sure as a processional with my legal experience to make sure that the laws of the city are not violated and we continue having a great city with lots of different if containment have
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and is available and make sure that we do not upset the neighbors and various other organizations that might be affected by violation. thank you so much. do you have any questions for me? supervisor campos: no questions. thank you very much. if we could now go back to item 6. >> item 6, motion confirming the appointments of harry kim, steven jin lee, allen okamoto, and natividad ramirez to the san francisco location appeals board. supervisor campos: thank you. if we could now hear from the nominees, if we could begin with harry kim. if any of them is here, please come forward.
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>> my name is steven lee. i'm here to ask you to please confirm me, my reappointment for the relocation of appeals for. this board was formed in 1967 and of his total fund in the city's administrative code, chapter 24b. -- and now is codified in the city's administrative code. we are here to give the grievance, and i think i am very
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qualified because i have been on the board for the past two years. i have an m.b.a. degree. my bs degree is in civil engineering. i work for the department of transportation california and also work for the federal government. i am very active in civic activity, and sit on the board of appeals for the water department. i am with citizens to work with the police department on central station. i am very much involved with community activity.
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i was the primary person for the association for the whole united states, and i have been living in san francisco with my wife, and i do speak chinese, mandarin and cantonese. please confirm my appointment. supervisor campos: thank you very much. next. is this ms. ramirez? >> good afternoon. thank you very much for giving me the pleasure for being here. i just sent you my introductory letter, letting you know what i am all about. i am a great service to the city and county of san francisco. i am a native san franciscan.
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i am bilingual, and in my past, have been very involved in assisting the citizens here in any way i can. i feel that by having the honor of serving on this commission, that i will be able to fulfil the duties under this commission. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you very much. is mr. harry kim here? how about allen okamoto? is there any member of the public who would like to speak on this item? please come forward. thank you for your patience. >> and i'm here to speak on behalf of ms. ramirez. i have known nati for 25 years and worked with her on the police department in administrative, criminal, and regulatory matters. i do not think you could find a better choice. she has a tremendous passion for
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her work, and she will serve the citizens of san francisco very well. i urge her reappointment. supervisor campos: thank you, captain. >> i am here also in support of nati ramirez. i think she would be an exemplary member for the commission, and i have also worked for over 25 years in the d a's office, more closely when she worked with me on the consumer protection unit, handling consumer complaints and mediating them. i want to say in terms of her incredible, hard-working, compassionate energy, not only for doing community outreach, but trying to resolve individual problems, she is extremely compassionate when she helps people. can she not only wants to tackle year -- not weird, but trying situations for individuals, and she is good at dealing with
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bureaucracy, whether it is a credit reporting agency or a bank or another government agency. these are the traits i think that would be really helpful as a commission because she can help people on one whenever the problem is -- help people unwind whatever the problem is. we had dozens of complaints from newcomers who paid private companies to send their money and items back home to other countries, and nothing ever run, and she not only help get the refunds, but she felt with the big picture in getting these places license, and she basically clean up that industry. again, she wants to give something back to the community, and she has done it in very different ways. she is pragmatic, enthusiastic, and she would be an outstanding addition to the commission.
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supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon. second time i am speaking today. i'm here to support steven lee. i know he has served in many years on many different commissions, and i am really proud of him, his enthusiasm to help the committee. he is also a member on my executive board, and i really admire all the work he has done for the community, and i hope you can reappoint him. thank you so much. >> thank you, supervisors. i support harry kim for reappointment to the commission. he is a community leader, very
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honest and very fair minded, and i'm sure that he will do a good job on the commission. i also support steve lee. i associate him with the american post, and he is also the adviser to the central station police station. he certainly exercises judgment. he is also a community leader. we have conflicts sometimes, and people would approach mr. lee to resolutions, and he did lots of it without going through the courts, and therefore, he is a perfect gentleman to be reappointed to the relocation commission. he will be fair minded. he will be sensitive to the
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needs of the renters to find them a place when they are forced to move out. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you very much. next speaker please. >> ♪ there's relocation places i remember and i hope you pick a good board in these places and board have such a meeting all my life i hope you pick a good one in these places and relocation have such meaning and the appeal board we look for more in my life take a good relocation board -- pick a good relocation board ♪
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supervisor campos: next speaker please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is frank d., and i cannot sing. [laughter] but i'm here to support mr. stephen lee for his appointment to become the commissioner -- mr. steven lee. i have known him for the last 15 years. i know him to be a fair minded and gentle person. he has served in many civic duties, and he is also very active in the chinatown community. i know that he would be a good choice for this post. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, a supervisor.
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i am a retired engineer that chose to come back to san francisco to live, and i want to make this a better city. i am uniquely qualified to talk about steven lee because in high school, he was my best friend, even though as adults, we kind of separated. now, as an adult with children, i do want to make this the best city for all of us to enjoy, and i think steven lee will be very active in pursuing that goal, so thank you very much. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. supervisor alioto-pier, thank you when you appoint me for the graffiti advisory board. thank you. thank you when you appoint me --
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i never met you before, and you of whitney two terms on this advisory board. i am president of the united cemetery in mission, and i support svetlana kaff. first of all, she is a member of my organization, and second, i read in the newspaper many times, the problem with clubs and for other entertainment organization -- supervisor campos: can i ask a question? are you speaking about the san francisco relocation appeals board? >> no. supervisor campos: ok, we are on item six. thank you. is there any other member of the public who would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. a quick question -- i know that
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harry kemp and all -- harry kim and allen okamoto are not here right now. did we hear from them prior to the meeting? >> mr. kim indicated that he would be here, but i did not hear from the other commissioner. supervisor campos: is there a deadline by which the board has to act upon these items? >> no, there is not. supervisor campos: my suggestion would be in make a motion that we amend the current motion to strike out harry kim and allen okamoto not because there is anything against them, but to give them an opportunity to come back to the committee and address the committee. i think it is important for them to come before this body. if we could make that motion, with that, make a motion which would mean that we would be
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confirming -- recommend the confirmation of the appointment of steven lee and natividad ramirez. thank you both for your service, and congratulations. please call item 7. >> item 7, hearing to consider appointing one member, a term ending july 20, 2014, to the entertainment commission. there are 16 applicants. supervisor campos: we have one opening and 16 applicants. for the record, unless i'm corrected, three applicants have withdrawn their application. that is anderson pugash, and also miles christian daniels, and shahriar amighassemkhany.
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svetlana kaff we heard from already. we could next call brit hahn. again, thank you all for your patience. >> good afternoon. i would like to say it is an honor to be considered for this position with all these qualified applicants. many of them are my peers in the entertainment industry, and i'm sure you will get a good commission member from this pool. i am a native san franciscan, born and raised. a product of the public school system here. i opened my first night clubs in south of market district in 1985. it was a very sleepy, back water place.
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things have changed tremendously over the years, and i have been lucky enough to be very successful, and i am now running for nightclub share -- chair in san francisco. city nights was my first one, capacity of 715 patients. sound factory, capacity of 1151 patients, and club nv, capacity of 400 patients. i have extensive experience in running nightclubs over the years, and i think it is a very exciting time for entertainment in san francisco, and it is also a very critical time that we continue the progress that has been made. originally, when i applied for my first term it is with the police department, so i have had experience in seeing the process the ball from an application process -- i have experience in
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seeing the process evolve. i think there has been quite a bit of progress made in terms of the overview i was on the panel for both the maersk summit on might come to safety, the most recent ones. i am working with the development of best practices for nightclubs in san francisco. i am also a board member for the southern district, and i have been working with them specifically on nightclub issues. i think i bring a unique understanding and comprehensive experience overall with nightclubs. i have operated the club is many years in challenging environments. i have seen the industry change from one that has had a ones that cater to one demographic,
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bring in a tremendous amount of people into the districts that have been historic fleet less populated by residents and are now very mixed use. we have been able to reach out to our residents in the area and we have had very good working relationships with those residents who are most affected by the nightclubs, and i would be very interested in the opportunity to continue to work to develop this. plus, i have been interested in being on this commission quite a while, but until recently have not had time to do it. i am done with my work with school with my older kids and i am ready to commit to this important post. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you, mr. hahn. supervisor mar? supervisor mar: could you talk a
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little about the facilitation that you did at san quentin in vacaville. how were you asked, and what is your special ability in facilitation? >> i have for many years brought recovery groups into prison facilities in california. san quentin, the county jail in san francisco, as well as ccm in vacaville. supervisor campos: thank you. shell thomas? good afternoon. >> rules committee, chaired campos, my name is shell thomas. my qualifications include 25- year veteran of the industry with a wide range of experience. i have managed, operated bars,
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lounges, cafes, jazz clubs, and it's also clubs, and nightclubs. the past seven years i have operated a project management complex development and also many locations. i was also the bar consultant for the small development administration and taught quarterly bar course is the last three years and also produced events for san francisco's small business week. i also worked as a business entertainment quarter master on polk street and i am extensively involved with the police department and individual venues, working with those agencies. of the past several years, my focus is has shifted to a more collective approach. i currently served on the north beach merchants association beach merchants association board.


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